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So let's get on with the story and I really hope you guys enjoy this one is much as you enjoy my first three.(JOEY'S POINT OF VIEW)I woke up on Sunday morning still in clutter of boxes in my room. We moved into this house so quickly that everything is thrown teen porn wmv movies around everywhere, in every room in this house. I feel that I am suffocating over this clutter.I got up, put on my shirt and started on my way out of my room. On my way I kicked boxes that were empty or full of trash or even some are still half way filled with something. I made my way into the euro teen porn hall and down to the kitchen. There I found my mom and sex for teens uncle sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee.I walked past them to get a cup of orange juice as I was heading out. My mom stopped me and tried to speak."The silent treatment needs to end Joey. You are no longer a child, but becoming a man. A decision had to be made. You made it. Now, you will have to live with that decision. By refusing to talk to me or your uncle is wrong teen milf porn and you know it."I looked over at my mom and then over to my uncle with a look of disgust on my face. At this point I can lesbian teen vag barely even look at them, more less talk with them. I know I am the one that made that decision, but would not have done so if I was not pressured into doing it."You want me to say something, fine I will. What I have to say, you will not like. I made the decision. Yes, I made the decision, you guys wanted. I will have to live with that for now and the rest of my life, not you. You got inside my head at a weak point and influenced me. Yes, I will get a girl, marry her and have kids. Again, this is something I do not want or will not enjoy, in fact if find is sickening. Again, I made that decision by the pressure you and my uncle here put on me, and I will follow through.So, I will do what you ask me to do but do not get me wrong on this. We will live in the same house, we will eat babysitter teen porn at the same table, we will see each other every day, but I do not love or think will I ever love you again. You lost me that day when you asked me to leave everything I love behind.Once I graduate from high school. I am out of here. I will never again return to this house or to you, while we both are on this Earth. You will get your precious grandchildren, but these grandchildren, you will never see. Live with that woman and see how that goes."I looked at my mom one last time before leaving the kitchen. I left download teen porn movies her in tears as I walked out. She is now crying for what she has done. I have no tears for her or anyone in this family. All I have right now is hate and anger for my mother.For the first time in my life, I cannot stand being around my mother. The last time I ever felt this much hate was for my father. I never thought the day would come that I would hate my mom as much as I did my father, until now.I grabbed my tennis shoes and walked out. I got into my truck and drove away from the house. I have no idea where I am going because I do not know the city. Not only did we move out on my house with Jacob, we moved out of the city and the state. I guess my mom feared the love that Jacob and I have would be to much to resist if we stayed close.Our love is strong and will go across continents if it has to. That is all I keep thinking as I drove around my new neighborhood. When I walked out that door on Jacob, I could not look back, because I would not have been able to leave.I have to figure out a way to do what my family wants me to do. At the same time, I need to figure out how to salvage my relationship with Jacob. I do not even know if Jacob will ever forgive me for what I had done. I know if I am in his shoes, I would not, because the way I handled the breakup.I wonder now if I would have gone to Jacob and told him about what was going on with my family. Would he have let me get with a girl to have children? Jacob always has been there for me, no matter what. I believe he would have allowed me to go and have sex with a girl in order to please my family. Now this question will never be answered.Not only can't I stand my family. I now lost have the person I have gotten used to leaning on. teens ******** galleries What I need to do is quickly do what my family wants me to do and have kids. Then, I need to go back to Jacob and plead with him to take me back.I need to explain to him what had happened and why I made the decisions that I made. Even if that means throwing my mother and uncle under the bus, so be it. I want to have a chance of getting Jacob back. That is my ultimate goal to reach.I drove around the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico, trying to find conclusions to my problems. Accept my problems are way too intense to figure out and solve as I drive around this xxx gay teen porn small town of Alamogordo.I pulled into a gas station in order to get directions back to my house. I didn't pay any attention to where I was going. I just headed here and there ebony teen porn sites whenever I reached a stoplight. I kind of feel like an idiot asking for directions back to my own house. Lucky for me, the gas attendant knows the city pretty well.The rest of the weekend. I stayed away from my mother and uncle. I knew if I would see them again I would go off even worse than I did before. No matter if I like it or not, I have to deal with them. For now, but soon that will change.Before I headed up to bed on Sunday night, my mother stopped me. I walked back down the hallway to see what she needs."Joey, I'm going to need some money in order to get a couple of things for the house. Also will you please loan your truck to your uncle so he can go out and do some stuff tomorrow while you go to school. He will drop you off at school, and then pick you up after school.""You must be out of your mind. If you think I would ever let my uncle drive the truck that Jacob gave to me as a gift. I would figure he wouldn't want to step foot into that truck because it came from a guy that he thinks is garbage. If my uncle could not stand Jacob, then he cannot use teen tpg porn anything that Jacob gave me.As far as the money. I will give you some but not a lot. I will not be supporting this household with my money. That was left to me, and not you or anyone else for that matter. You're going to need go out and get a job. All the freedoms and everything you were getting for free with Jacob disappeared the moment we decided to move teen porn site se out.That should not be a surprise to you. I do not hardcore black teen porn have to Jacob's grandfather to invest my money anymore. That means I have to be very careful on how I spend it. I all ready bought this house, and middle school teen porn that is the last huge expenses I am going to do for this family."I pulled out my wallet and handed my mom a couple hundred dollars and walked back to my room. She didn't look like she liked hearing the truth, but it had to be said. I have got to be very careful on the way I send the money I have left. Money goes way too quickly, and there is no way I am going to loose everything because of them.I pulled out teen porn pic archives the telephone book in order to get free strapon teen porn directions to my new school. By the look on a map, the school isn't that far from where we live. In fact, I can actually walk to the school. Like I did my freshman year in El Paso.I went to bed, trying to get some kind teen sex lesbos porn of sleep but couldn't. Every time I closed my eyes, I kept thinking of Jacob. I even at times, tried to cuddle up to Jacob. But of course, he isn't in my bed. I actually started to cry from missing my Jacob. I cannot believe I called it quits and left my love of my life.I didn't even need the alarm clock to go off in order to wake me up. I don't think I slept more than two hours through the night. I dragged myself out of bed, took a quick shower, and then got dressed for school. As I headed out to the truck, Uncle Dominic stopped me."Joey, I do not know what your problem is. But free teen tiatans porn make no mistake, on who is in charge. I will not be a pushover like your father. If your mother asks you to do something, you will do it without mouthing off. Do I make myself clear?""I'm doing what you are saying Uncle Dominic, but I do not have to listen to you. I bought this house and am currently paying for everything. Once you and my mom go out and get jobs and start support this house. We can talk, but not until then.Oh one more thing, you have no right to speak with me in that fashion. When it comes to this house and my truck. You have no say on anything concerning them. If you have a problem with that, get the hell out. If you choose to fight me on this, I would have you forcefully moved out. Don't forget, the house is under teen lesbien porn my name alone."I started to get into the truck while my uncle walked up to try to hold the door open and pull me out. With the force of the door I shoved him to the ground. Looking down at him, he reminded me so much of my father."You know that you are a very sick person. Everyone knows that you have been in love with my mother. Since the day my dad married her, and you didn't. I have no respect for or will I ever show you any respect."With that, I floored the truck and speeded out of the driveway. It didn't take me five minutes to reach Alamogordo High School. Not knowing where to park, I just parked in the first parking spot I found. I got out of my truck and walked up to the school. I stopped at the front entrance free porn pussy teen and just looked at it.It is hq teen porn kind of built like Newman High School back in El Paso. An old red brick building, but not in a v shape. A lot smaller entrance then El Paso High School as well. But you have to figure the school isn't going to be as big as Newman because the size of this town is a lot smaller then where I moved from.I walked in and quickly found the registrar's office. I walked into the office and actually didn't find any students in the office. I went up to the counter and immediately, an older lady walked up to see what I needed."Yes ma'am, I'm a transfer 13+teen+porn in, and I have my transcripts from my other school to give you."The older lady took my transcripts and looked at them. She walked back to her desk and started pecking away at the computer. In just as much time it took me to get to school, the registrar got my schedule. She walked back up and handed me back my transcript, and then a schedule."This will be your schedule for the rest of semester. As the new semester begins, you will be required to fill out a new schedule. As you go to classes, you are going need to present it to each of your teachers, and then let them see your transcripts. That way they can copy down your grades."I thanked the registrar clerk and walked out. I looked both ways to try to find the cafeteria. I finally decided to just follow the crowd of students heading one direction. I can only hope they are going to the cafeteria.After grabbing my breakfast, I looked for a seat. russian teen porn tgp I actually found an empty table, and I took it. Minding my own business. I ate free teen reality porn breakfast and watched the sea of students walking by me and just looking.That is when it finally hit me that I am going to have to start big boob teens over. The crap I went through to gain respect and standing not only on the football team, but as well teen boy anal sex in ROTC class and teams. It was hard the first time around and here I am starting all over again.After the bell rang, I waited for the cafeteria to clear out. This is my first day at a new school, and I know I can get away with being late. I can use the excuse that I cannot find my way around this building.Most of the morning was boring. I did as I was instructed to by the registrar. As I went into each class. I handed my teacher I class schedule and my transcripts from Newman high school. There was really no excitement until I got to my third period class.As I walked into my third period class, everyone teen india porn looked at me. They all just stared as I walked towards the instructor of 18 yr teen porn this ROTC unit. I handed him my schedule and transcript as he looked up at me."Do you have a sealed envelope that your former instructor gave you to deliver to us?"I pulled out of my bag a sealed record that Major Moore gave me. As I went there and told him about my transferring out, he kept trying to talk me into staying. I think he gave him a little bit of relief when I told him where I was going. At least he doesn't have to worry about seeing me competing against his teams for the district title."I see you petite teen girls porn are a captain. It also parent teen porn movie looks like you are the rifle team commander from your battalion. I bet you that your instructor hated losing you. Being a company commander and a team commander is a lot to lose in one full swoop.""Yes Sir, Major Moore tried everything to keep me around. I just had no choice but to move with my family.""I really hope you can work with our Battalion. As you did with your old battalion. We have found when students transfer in to this Battalion from another, they cannot let go of their allegiance to the battalion they left behind.I do need a company commander for this company. I also need good hot teens ass shooters on my rifle team. I cannot replace my rifle team commander with you. What I can do since you are just a junior is guarantee the rifle team will be yours next year. That is if your can bring yourself to the understanding that you are now part of this Battalion." "Sir, free teen porn pices I can promise you, while I attended this high school. My alliance will be only with this program. Unless there is a move in teen hotties porn the future I am unaware of. I can guarantee you that I will be graduating from this school.""Are you involved in any other extra afterschool programs, except this one?""I was part of the football team at my other school. I did not let it interfere with my rifle team responsibilities. In fact, I got better as a shooter as I played football. But right now, I have no plans to join any other teams, except the rifle team.""We cannot tell you that you can't be part of another team. What I can do is tell you that if it interferes with this program, I will give you an ultimatum. But like you said, it made you better not worse.I like to talk with students that come from other brigades. Not to steal any ideas, but to try to make my Battalion better then what it is. young teens giving blowjobs So over the next couple of days I will sit down with you about that. For the mean time, I want you to introduce yourself to your platoon lieutenants and company staff."I shook my head up and down as he walked me over to meet the first platoon leader. Normally when there is no captain for the company, the first platoon leader fills in the slot until a new company commander is promoted or brought in.For this hour I was able to forget all about the outside world. Not once did Jacob cross my mind, while I was class. I do not want to ever forget Jacob, because one day we will be back together once again.(BETH'S POINT OF VIEW)My brother-in-law walked in dusting off his pants. I looked at him, knowing exactly what had happened. teen hardcore porn tgp He confronted Joey and got the worse end of the stick. He walked passed me towards the kitchen. I followed him over to see what he has to say."Beth, that son of yours needs to be put in his place, even though he did pay for this house, and that truck is his. It doesn't give him the right to make up his own rules, and not listen to the adults in this house.""Dominic you are going to have to give him time. Jacob and him got together their freshman year in high school. Jacob was there couples porn teen when Joey was working through what had happened to him the summer before.Then Jacob was shot, and then almost at the same time was told he had cancer. Through all that they got even closer than ever before. Then your brother moved us to Arizona, nothing that we said or did, would make Joey understand that his relationship with Jacob was over. In fact, it seemed we were pushing porn teen anal him towards Jacob. After a while we were actually getting Joey to forget him.""I do not petite black teen porn care what the past is or was. What I care about is right here in the present. Joey can't go around this house, thinking he is the boss. The minute we give him that control, is the minute we have lost complete control of this house.""We would not have this house Dominic, if it wasn't for Joey. Everything concerning this house is under his name. That means at any time, Joey can ask any of us to leave. I don't know about you, but I have nowhere else to go.Give me time Dominic to work on Joey. I can get him to come around and understand what you are trying to do by force. He will not take anything by force after his father did what he did. I will get teen titans nude him to come around."Dominic sat down with a cup of coffee in his hand at the kitchen table. He just looked down at his coffee, putting his thoughts together. I know he doesn't like having a teenage kid in control. He is way too much like his brother in many ways."I will give you time to do what you need to do with Joey. Let me make myself clear, I will not stand for his smart mouth. The next time he thinks he can do what he did this morning. I will make him wish he was never born.He better get with a woman not another punk like that Jacob. If he came up here to do the same thing he was doing in El Paso and get away with it, he has another thing coming I can promise you on that. There will not be a homosexual in this bloodline. I don't care if I have to beat out of him. He will not walk around here like a fairy."Instead of getting Dominic angrier I decided just to nod my head up and down. I know Joey understands that he cannot get with another guy. He has to start dating a girl and eventually produces offspring.I handed Dominic the money that I got from Joey last night. We did not need anything else for a house. I got the money for Dominic to have in case he needs to pick up anything. I know he doesn't like to be without money in his pocket.One thing the kids don't know is that Dominic and I have been speaking for months. We have been planning this move, way before the kids even knew. After the loss of their father, Dominic and I started speaking on regular basis.Then we decided to give it a go with us. We knew that we could not be in El Paso or in that house that the boys bought for me. We also knew that we needed Joey's money in order to get a clean start.That is when we devised this plan to get Joey to come with us and break him and Jacob apart. We thought of several different plans, but landed on this one. Joey needed to get a clean start, and that means shutting down every tie that he has in El Paso. The best way to do that is through an ugly breakup with Jacob. We had to make Joey the ass so all of their friends would follow Jacob no matter what.I knew that Jacob and his grandfather weren't doing anything wrong when it came down to the restaurants. They are both way to honest hot sexy teen porn to do that to anyone much less the love of Jacobs life. What I needed is summer teen porn to start planting the seed of doubt in Joey's mind. I was very subtle at first not pushing the subject just keeping it on the table. I know my son, he is very easy to lead, and I could see the doubt he had every time I brought it up. That young teen blowjob way when I made my final move, dealing with the subject of Joey having kids, he already innocents teen porn the seeds of doubt planted about Jacob. This way it would not be too hard when it came down to finishing up and getting what I want. I knew I would have him exactly where I needed and wanted him.What I really truly want is a chance with Dominic. I lost Joey's father, but I have another chance with his uncle. So I'm going to do teen porn trailer free everything it takes for this to work out. If that means losing a son, but gaining a husband. It might be a price I am willing to pay.(FRAN'S POINT OF VIEW)I am completely lost with what is going on here. One moment, we are happy little family living in a great home, and then the next moment it was all over. I know there is something very wrong here.All of a sudden, my uncle Dominic comes into town, and then within days, everything I knew had changed or was gone. That alone is telling me that my uncle and mother have some evil scheme going on between them two. I just need to figure out what it is.There isn't night that goes by that I don't hear my bother Joey crying in his room almost all night long. The house we are in now has paper thin walls, and is really a piece of crap compared to the house Jacob had bought for us to live in. That is another reason I know something is up. Who would leave a situation like we had? As a result of the thin walls I can hear everything that is going on in my brother's room.Also by him crying himself to sleep every night, tells me that he loves Jacob still. That is why I cannot understand what is going on. Joey loves Jacob, so lesbian mom and teen why did they break up? Why did we move out of the house those two got for us? Why did all this happen the day my uncle drove into town? Why did we have to pack up in secret? Why did we leave without saying goodbye to a soul and in the middle of the night?I know the answers to a few of these questions, but to the other questions I do not have a clue too. I have to get those answers very quickly. If Joey still loves Jacob and wants to be with him. I will do anything to help Joey to get back with Jacob.Ever since we moved, I kept in contact with Marie. Jacob's sister and I have been talking on the phone at least every other nude teen sex day. Since I got here, Marie and east indian teen porn I have been trying to figure out together what has happened.We both agreed that neither of our brothers will ever find out about our calls or our families for that matter. We are using calling cards to do the long distance calling. This way the calls will not show up on the phone bills when her mother or Joey gets them in the mail.We also decided on doing the calls at the same time everyday. That way we know that we needed to be the one to answer the phone if it rings at that certain time. If there is an emergency and we have to break pattern, we will let the phone ring two times and then hang up. Wait five minutes and then call back again.We both have come to the same conclusion that this breakup wasn't because of our brothers falling out of love with each other. It actually had a helping hand. That helping hand is my mother and uncle.For now, Marie is going to keep an eye out for Jacob and I will do the same with Joey. We want to make sure there is a chance these two can get back together. In order to do that, there cannot be another person walking in to take the place of either of our brothers.I still have more work cut out for me then Marie does, teen porn gallerys now that we know the cause of the break up is my family. I have to make sure I fix it and get Joey back over to Jacob as soon as possible. So far based on what I have seen, it's not going to be easy.Joey just bought this house for us to live in over the phone, without even looking at it. I know why they had him buy a house rather than rent apartment. It was in order to make sure we to stay here. Now with a house, we cannot up route ourselves as quickly as we would have been able to if we lived in an apartment.I know that Joey is still in love with Jacob. So my work in that area is not needed. I need to turn all my attention to revealing the true nature of my uncle being involved. Once I do that I know Joey will go back to Jacob. No matter what he has bought or will buy in the future.(JOEY'S POINT OF VIEW)My first day at my new high school went pretty fast. Before I knew petite teen slovak porn it, I found myself climbing into my truck and about to head home. Although that is the last place I want to be right now. I just have no other choice at this moment then to be there.I walked straight to my room the moment, I got home. When I opened the door to my room I almost jumped back completely into the hall. I did not expect to find my sister waiting in my room as soon as I got home."Fran, what in the world are you doing in my room right now?""I just wanted to talk to my brother! We have not talked once since we moved into this ugly town and house. I cannot understand what is going on with you and Jacob. I thought you and him were madly in love with each other. Why are we here if you love someone in another state? Why did we move Joey?""It's a very long story Fran. I just do not have the energy or strength to tell you the story right now. I am just tired. I promise I will site teen porn links tell you in a couple of days. So please, can you leave me to be by myself for now? I just want to try and get horny teen sluts some sleep since I am not sleeping at night worth a dam anymore.""I know and the reason I know is because I can hear you every night. Let me tell you what I know. And you can fill in the blanks after you hear me out. That way you can tell me if I'm right or teen group porn pictures wrong on what I think I know."I sat down on my bed and just shook my head in the positive, taking a deep breath. Fran immediately went into what she put together since all this had happened. Fran told me about her belief that our uncle is the main one that caused all this. Fran went on to tell me that mom is some how involved, but she still doesn't know exactly how much she is involved.As she told me what she knew, I did not stop her in order to tell her that she was wrong. In fact, I just kept nodding my head up and down. Now all Fran needs me to do is fill in the blanks of her story."You are one good detective Fran. You got everything down, but a few missing things here and there in your story. Like the talk that I had with our uncle that got me to make up my mind to leave Jacob."I went into detail about the conversation outside my mom's house the night that I ran into my uncle. From his guilt trip about kids and carrying on the last name. All the way to when mom walked out and agreed with our uncle. She added her own two cents about the sneakiness that she thinks Jacob and his grandfather was doing with the McDonald's restaurants."You know Jacob better then I do, but I can say this with full confidence. Jacob lived for only you and everything he did he gets for you. There is no way that Jacob would ever have done what mom said he was trying to do. Come on Joey, I cannot understand why you would listen to that bullshit.""Your right Fran and I knew that mom was wrong the minute she started talking about that crap. I just got tired of arguing with her. You know that mom and I always got along. No matter what was going on, she took my side. I just hated fighting with her as much as we were doing.""Now look Joey, not only are you fighting still with mom. You two are not even speaking with each other. At this moment everything you forced teen porn thumbs have tried to fix with mom has exploded in your face.Now that bullshit on what Uncle Dominic pulled on you is just that, bullshit. There is no way you are straight Joey! Don't get me wrong, teen porn frree you can have kids and may even want kids. But tell me why you are willing to throw away everything you have with Jacob. You could have gone to him and told him on what is going on. He would've helped you get through it.""You know I homemade teen young porn know you are right Fran. I just let them get to me and never stopped teen hitchhikers porn free to think about anything. One minute I'm very happy with Jacob and the next I am leaving him. I'm buying a house over the phone. I'm renting a truck to load all of mom's stuff on, and then getting my transcripts from school.I got on this roller coaster ride, but I cannot get off of now. I keep telling myself to do what our mom and uncle want me to do as fast as possible. Then I could get off of this ride and find a way to fix things with Jacob."I got up from my bed and started pacing back and forth in the room. I have dug a hole so deep. I may as well just lie down and ask my sister to throw the dirt in on top of me. No matter what I do from now on, there is no way I can get Jacob back I have that feeling things are gone for me. My future is gone as I knew it."I just wish Joey you would've trusted me on all this. I couldn't have tried to free nude amature teens help you get through all this with out destroying everything you have with Jacob. One thing that our uncle succeeds to do is what our father couldn't do, and that teen tits thumbs is breaking you two up.If we were still in El Paso, I could help you with getting with a young lady. Since we are here, and I do not know anybody, I can't help you in any way. We should have stayed in El Paso at least."I slammed my fist through the wall as my sister finished. Everything she is saying right and I know I have screwed up and lost everything. I needed help, but went out on my own again and wrecked everything. By doing this move, I just sealed my fate. There is no way I can get what my uncle and mother wants me to do in a fast manner.Just then the door flew open, and my uncle flew in. I turned around to see what he wanted, but before he could even say a word. I spoke up first yelling at him."Get the hell out of my room now! You don't just walk into our rooms, whenever you feel like to. So get the fuck out of my room."I started walking towards my uncle and pushed him out of my room. I slammed the door on him so hard I thought that I might have big breasted teen porn permanently sealed the door. I just cannot stand that guy walking into my room."Joey, you need to watch out on how you handle our uncle. You think dad was bad, I am afraid that Uncle Dominic is worse then dad. Plus I do not think that mom will stop him if he comes after you.""I would like to see him raise a hand at me. He is a lot bigger person than I am, but I will not go through what I went through with dad again. More so from a person that isn't our father or mother."I started making my way back to my bed. I heard my mother trying to calm him down out in the hallway. He seems to be pretty pissed that I actually pushed him out of my room, and nude gay teens then slamming the door in his face.My sister actually looks more scared than I am right now. I know what she is telling me about our uncle is true. But if he puts a hand on me, I will make sure that is the last thing he does in this house.I started to open my mouth to speak with my sister. When the door flew back open and our uncle walked back in. It looks like our mother couldn't stop him from coming back into my room. He looks way too pissed for her to stop him."I've warned you this morning you little peace of shit. Do you think I was talking out of my ass when I warned you about this? You are not the man of this house, I am. Get that through your stupid fucking head. You may have bought this house, but I am going to be paying the teen boy sex bills to keep it going."My uncle started to walk further into my room and over to me. My sister crawled completely on my bed as our uncle reached the foot of it. He was yelling up a storm with every other word a cuss word. I am thinking to myself I may have bitten off more then I can chew."Get your skinny ass off of that bed and stand toe to toe with me. You pushed me out teen pink boob porn your door and then slammed it in my dam face. That does not make you a man. What makes you a man is actually standing face to face with the one you want to fight.""Are you stupid or something Uncle Dominic? I have no intention of fighting you; no I will not fight you. You easily have a hundred pounds of fat on me. antigua teen porn Plus it smells like you have been drinking again since this morning when I left."Before I could say anything else, my uncle pulled me off of my bed by the collar of my shirt. My shirt started to rip as my uncle held me up by it. My feet are actually dangling in the air as my uncle pulled me away from my bed."You want to hit the walls of this room and put holes in them? Why don't you punch me the way you punched that wall. Come on, be a man like you think you are. The man you think can be the one that is running this house. Either you put up or you better shut the hell up from now on."There is no way I can let my uncle think he has the better of me. However, at teen teacher porn the same time, I cannot be the one that throws the first punch. That means I will be the one going to jail not him. I learned that when Greg walked into the house and Jacob beat the hell out of him. Jacob almost went to jail because of that.So I decided to piss him off even more so he would take the first punch. After that he cannot say that I provoked it. He came crashing through my door like a cave man, pulling me off my bed by my shirt."You think you're man by beating up teenage kids. That isn't a man that is a coward. Cowards like you will land up just like my father."Before I could say another word my uncle threw me across the room. You know, for being a heavyset guy, he can actually move fast on his feet. Before I knew it, he got on top of me and started punching me over and over again.I could hear my sister yelling through her tears. She tried to pull my uncle off of me, but he pushed her away. When he turned his attention to my sister, I actually got in a few punches to his face. That just got him even angrier than he already was."You think you can mouth off and not get disciplined for it. You have been living on your own, way too long. You need to get use to rules and a father figure around. I will be that father figure no matter if you like it or not."As safe black teen porn my uncle continued to hit me, I tried to grab anything I could around me. I some how reached the cord to my lamp. I pulled on it to see if I could pull the lamp down. By some kind of miracle, I was able to do so. I grabbed it and started to hit my uncle over the head with. I didn't stop until he was out.My uncle fell on top of me as he passed out. I struggled to get out from beneath him, but I did. As I got to my feet, I stumbled around my room in a daze. My uncle actually got in several shots to my head before I could get him down.My mother started yelling at me for what I did. She immediately went to my uncle without even looking at me. Right there and then I knew that my mother isn't going to defend me as she's done in the past.She kept yelling at me as if all this is my fault. He is the one that came busting through my door and refused to leave after I asked him to. I looked towards my sister to see that she is still crying.I walked over and pulled her out of my room. We headed over to the living room, where I could call the police. There is no way I can let my uncle stay in this house. My sister is right on the fact that he is worse than our father was.After calling 911, my mother came out still yelling at me. She actually somehow got my uncle back up. They both walked down the hall to their room. Just a few minutes japanese teen porn pics later, the police arrived and I asked them in.I told them everything that had happened. Including this morning's events, all the way to what happened in my room. I didn't leave one thing out. I included every single fact on what occurred between me and my uncle."You said your name is Joey, Joey Alvarez, is that correct?""Yes Sir, that is correct!""You are a minor living underneath the roof of your mother's and uncles house. Do I have those facts correct?""No Sir, you do not have those facts correct. This house is mine and is underneath my name. I am a minor, but my parents signed their legal rights over to my aunt and uncle who died almost two years ago. Before they died, they went to court, and got me legally, emancipated, on my own. The courts of Texas concluded that my parents were unfit.""If they concluded your parents were unfit. Why is your mother then living here in your house? You went through all that court proceedings sexy hardcore teen porn to just move back in with your mother that the courts found unfit.""My father had passed away and she showed up on my doorstep. I didn't have the heart to turn her away because of my sister. Over time we got close again. But then my uncle on my father's side came into the picture.This is my home; here are the papers to prove that I own it and also my emancipation papers. It is in my name, and therefore I do not want my uncle in this house. I am young porn teen porn asking you to remove my uncle from my house now."The officers turned towards my sister, and pulled her to the side. Maybe about another ten minutes later, they walked back over to me. At this point, another police cruiser has pulled up to the house."Joey, since you have shown me ownership of the home and your legal documents. I will go ahead and remove your uncle from your house. I hope I do not end up here in a couple days and pulling your uncle out again.We have tiniest teen in porn found in hot nude teens the past. In situations like this, both parties worked things out. At least they think they worked things out but all they do is cover up the problem. I am asking you once again. Are you sure you want me to remove your uncle from your house? Think about it and make sure because I do not want to be here again."I didn't even have to think about it. I already had my answer and all ready had given it to him. I want my uncle removed from my house. If my mom doesn't like it, she can go with him as well. free japaness teen porn That would do me a big favor if she would do that.After I gave my answer again to the officer, they made their way back to my mother's room and knocked on the door. I could hear the officer's request for my uncle to step out of the room and my uncle asking why.As two of lingerie teen mature porn the officers are getting my uncle, the other two started taking pictures of me. We moved into the kitchen and they requested me 15 year teen porn to take off my shirt and pants in order for them to take pictures of every part of my body.Just as I finished taking pictures, my mom came into the kitchen, demanding me to stop. She actually is still defending my uncle on what he did. She kept saying over and over again. It was my mouth that got this all started. If I didn't talk back to my uncle, none of this would have happened. That is when the officer that was taking the pictures spoke up."Ma'am, even if you're right that your son was talking back to your brother-in-law. Your brother-in-law had no right to beat on your son like this. If you would've done it, you would be going to jail as well.I serenity teen porn really don't know the laws of Texas, but here in New Mexico, we do not tolerate child abuse in any fashion. What your brother-in-law did is child abuse. If you choose to go bale him out, you can. But if you do that, he cannot step foot into this house. If he does, he will be arrested again."My mother looked back over to me and back to the officer again. I do not know what my uncle has over mega erotica teen porn her, but it must be bad. She would never have done this in the past. She didn't even let our father beat on us. So why is she allowing our uncle to do this."Fine, I will go bail him out and take him to a hotel. Then I will come back here and sit down and speak with you Joey. We will make this family work if it means sending you away to a boarding school.""You have no decision-making in that matter. The ruling of the courts of Texas still stands here in New Mexico. You are no longer in the eyes of the law a fit parent. So go and bail out Uncle Dominic, but do not bring him back here."My mom just looked at me, and then walked out of the kitchen. I reconfirmed with the officers on what I wanted done. When they bring my uncle in front of the judge, they will ask the judge to order my uncle to stay away from me.As the police cleared out, I went and took a shower. I young teen boobs needed to get all this dry blood off of me. I also want to spanish teen porn see how bad my uncle screwed up my face. It just seems that things are just getting worse by the minute. I cannot find my why out of the hell I put myself in. I really miss the comforts of Jacobs's arms. He always had the answers to everything that bother me. Now I have to come up with those answers on my own. TO BE CONTINUED... WRITER'S CORNER:{Ok everyone we have a start of a new story. Although the characters in this story has already been developed hairless teen pussy in my other story Jacob Finding His way. I need to develop them in this story as well. They will need to get their own identity away from my other free animated porn teen story.Just like my other stories, it will take a couple chapters before we get into the plots really good. I will do my best to unfold the story as quickly as possible because of the small length. In which this series is going to be. It is only going to cover the rest of his junior and senior year in high school.It can take a while for Joey to get asian teen babe porn his footing. Just like his sister said that they should not have moved out of El Paso. free teen harcore porn They know no one here in Alamogordo, so it makes it even harder for Joey to get what he needs done quickly.Just started a new school and let's hope he finds a girl illegal teen porn pictures quickly. Also let's hope he drowns himself into his school work. He needs to get his mind off of Jacob and the past. It looks like ROTC is the program that can do that for him. That is where he should turn right now in order to get his mind off of everything.There is his uncle and mother. We found out something else new in this chapter. The mother and the uncle have been planning this for a while teen sex porn image now. She has had a reason for free teen porn galliers what she was doing with Joey and Jacob. I thought Jacob's mother was the witch, but Beth is proving to be worse then her. At least you know what you are getting with Jacob's mother. Beth hides everything very well.Joey's uncle is just like his father. That proves that they were brought up with that hate. Why do they think they can change people that are gay? You cannot change us, because we don't choose to be gay at all.The uncle seems worse then Joey's father. I don't see how Joey is going to keep his uncle out of the house. There is no way he will turn his mother away because if he does she will free very teen porn take Fran with her. Joey will keep putting up with all this bull because of his hot teen hardcore porn sister and the mother probably knows that.Talking about the sister. She has been talking to Marie in El Paso. Those two are working together to try and get there brothers back together. I don't know about you, but I hope they know what they are doing. Jacob might not want to get back with Joey after what he did. No teen fetish porn matter how much he loves Joey.The story is new and we already have drama going on in it. Please drop me an email and let me know what you think about the new serious and if you want something to go into the story. If you think a plot could be better or you think of a plot. Let me know and I will look at everything before turning it down. I normally take everything no matter who sends me the idea.Also in this story you will see I have a different editor. Daddy Rick has his hands full with the other three stories and he works. I cannot put another story on his shoulders to edit. He will not have any free time to be with his significant other. He is still with us in the other three stories, but I want to welcome aboard my new editor for this story. teen 16 years porn Every please say high to him. He is taking time off from his stories to help me out.I do not want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! skinny nude teen movies Please email me and let me know how I am doing at, Thanks!}EDITOR'S CORNER:Well, well. Jacob is off and writing his fourth story. They are all amazing. I am glad that he has allowed me to come along on this journey with him. When he said he needed an editor for this story, I jumped at the chance. Please give Jacob all the praise you like it's all the pay he gets.Now as far as the story goes. Joey really has put his rear end in a sling by leaving Jake. How could he be that stupid? But you know Joey has always been easily led. I think it's seems like he will have a future in ROTC which is good. Maybe he can make some new friends.As far as Beth and Dominic, these two appear to have a plan but just what is that plan? Time will tell. Stay tuned.Jeff
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